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Meet Natacha Noel – a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach

Are you so sick of bad dates, unreturned text messages and commitment-phobic boyfriends you’re ready to give up and become a nun?

You don’t have to run away to the convent just yet.

But you might want to consider a dating coach.

A “dating coach” might sound like a crazy concept, but it’s my real, actual job. I’ve been professionally trained and certified to help people – mostly successful, professional women – overcome their dating and relationship issues and find real, lasting love.

Along the way, I’ve seen it all; the pitfalls people fall into, the mistakes they make, the stories they tell themselves. I’ve also learned the secrets to telling a good match from a bad one, and – best of all -- to attracting the right person and building a relationship that lasts. That’s what the work I do is ultimately all about.

I think the reason relationships are so hard is that, when we’re growing up, nobody teaches us this stuff. There’s no class in school on how to find the right person. We just keep trying and failing and assuming eventually we’ll get lucky and Mr. Right will drop into our lap. (I probably don’t need to tell you how well that usually works out…)

The truth is, finding the right partner is a lot like building a career or working toward any other big, important goal. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, learn how to deal with and overcome your issues, and get to know yourself well enough that you can set your sights on exactly what you want…and create a plan to make it happen.

As a dating coach, that’s what I help people do. And honestly, it’s the greatest job in the world.

Being a dating coach is like being a best girlfriend who just happens to know everything there is to know about dating…and also has the guts to be totally, brutally honest. And every week, in these posts, I’m going to be brutally honest with you. I’ll give you tips you can put to work right away to get quick results, but we’ll also go deeper and look at some of the real issues that may be standing between you and Mr. Right, and how you can start to address them.

I want to hear your questions too! So if there’s anything about dating that’s driving you crazy, anything you can’t figure out no matter how hard you try, ask me your question. And who knows? I may even answer it in a future post (but I promise to keep your identity 100% secret!).

Keep checking every week for a new post with a new tip designed to help you stop settling for less in your love life and finally find the partner you deserve.

And to learn more about me and how we might work together to help you find your Mr. Right, check out the blog here on my website.

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