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Tips on How to Plan Your Life with a Partner. By Frank Kermit ND, Relationships

When I sit down with a couple for Pre Marital Coaching, which is working with a couple who are getting ready to move to the next step in their relationship, one of the questions I always ask them is what do they have planned for the rest of their lives together? Whether you are moving in together, buying property together, having a child together, getting married or getting engaged, one of the key elements towards success is having a life plan and then checking to make sure that your individual life plans are actually compatible. I have seen couples, who were very much in love but had very incompatible life plans. Where one person wanted 2 children in the next 5 years and the other did not want children at all. Where one person wanted to eventually move to Japan and the other person wanted to move to Brazil, where one person wanted to retire together to Florida and the other person refused to ever stop working, where one person needed to spend the next 4 years traveling to a different continent for a unique and specific graduate education in a niche industry and the other person was running out of time to start a family. So, if you want to have a successful marriage that will last long term and withstand the status of separation and divorce get your life plan in order. Know what you need to know for your life plan and find a partner that has a life plan that is compatible with yours.

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