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Are you Attracting your Soulmate? by Natacha Noël

I have been hearing about your desire to meet the love of your life and about your dreams of living the life you want to live with that exceptional person you want to share special moments with. At Absolute Bachelor Club we are passionate about helping people find love and we realize that we are a short cut to finding your Absolute Match. Life is short, so why wait any longer.

The model we use involves getting you started with individual Master Classes so that you can be wildly successful when meeting the right person, dating them and entering a significant relationship. Sometimes it can mean healing past hurts and sometimes it’s just about being asked powerful questions to help you understand compatibility between men and women.

I’m quite confident that in a past or even current relationship your instincts have told you that you were not with the right person but fought it. You fought it with activities and projects that brought you closer together. Or so you thought. For example, traveling to Europe and enjoying fine dining, love making and creating memories, joining a salsa class and discovering a new level of passion, moving in together to avoid unnecessary traveling and even saving money to buy a dream house? Some people even figure that walking down the isle is the unequivocal solution to their rocky relationship.

You were born intuitive so why not listen to yourself in decision making especially when it comes to your relationships be it with friends or a significant other.

So the questions is: how do you know who is right for you? Who has not heard about the honeymoon phase, the exhilarating phase of discovery and passion? But what happens after, when a person’s true colors starts to show?

You may think that you are above that entire phase, that you are who you say you are. You may have told a man: What you see is what you get and that you don’t pretend to be someone else to impress. Well, most of us don’t try to create a world around ourselves that we cannot sustain but sometimes we can’t help ourselves to do a little more and dress a little better and clean a little more often because we feel inspired to do so, because the person we met is so wonderful that we want to be the best that we can be. Other times, it’s the other person who creates the illusion for us and get this, it’s normal. The honeymoon phase isn’t only about how two people present each other. It is also about what you may perceive about your man and how he may perceive you. The brain plays tricks on you and is very quick to fill in gaps: Oh, I thought he was generous. I thought he was a family person. I thought he was a good communicator, I would have never guessed he had an addiction or that he was controlling or even frugal with his money. Those revelations don’t appear on day one.

What does it mean exactly to find out about your partner’s peculiarities and habits and why do we feel as though they were hidden from us and how can we avoid disappointments?

Some of the famous idiosyncrasies that you may come face to face with include: The toilet seat that is never put back up, the smelly socks that don’t make it to the hamper, the wet floor after the shower, the bed that never gets made, the dishes that don’t get washed and the list goes on. You most likely bring a set of your own quirks and bad habits that he will have to deal with as well. It is very important to understand how men and women present themselves at the beginning of a relationship and that the passion or infatuation are normal and will not last forever. Once the sparks fade, it’s time for the man and woman to decide if they share similar beliefs, values, goals and interests and if they want to bring the commitment they have for one another to the next level. The infatuation is replaced by solid profound feelings and don’t worry, many sparks come along with those as well.

Absolute Bachelor Club bridges the gap between expectations, and reality. Of course a relationship can be salvaged when the honeymoon phase is over. Both parties have got to understand each other’s needs and limitations.

Call for yor free 15 minute Consultation. We have individual or group coaching sessions that will help you gain focus on what you could do to attract your soulmate! 1-855-487-5487

Absolute Bachelor Club

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