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Getting a Woman to Accept a Dinner Invitation is all in the Approach

By Natacha Noël

Is it a numbers game, beginner’s luck or outright skill? Regardless of how you may view it, approaching a woman at the train station, grocery store or bar can be very nerve-racking. The first question you may ask yourself is the following: is she in a relationship? There is no way to tell and sometimes you won’t have the time to wait for an inviting signal. Even when your instincts tell you that the woman is interested in you, you may realize that it just isn’t always the case. Wayne Gretzky once said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So you may be wondering how to ask her out without using a cheesy line. The one thing we do know about women is that they take the time to match their shoes with their outfits and carefully pick out their clothes before leaving the house. A sincere comment about her overall appearance or even specifically about her hair or outfit will break the ice. Women love a man who notices the smallest of all details. So go for it! You can then gauge her response and see if she is shying away from you or wants to engage in conversation. You’ll want to take your time to read her body language. She will give you all the answers. Dinner and a movie? Dinner by the beach or on a rooftop? If you approach her with confidence, she will be more than just receptive. The world is yours…

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